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Social Media Smarts: Follow Three Leaders

Three Pied Pipers of social media--follow Contently, HubSpot, and Website magazine.

Three Pied Pipers of social media: follow Contently, HubSpot, and Website magazine.

The landscape of social media constantly changes. How can you keep up while staying on top of your business? Follow these leaders to receive cutting-edge information. The bonus? Some cool freebies.

Shane Snow—who bills himself as a journalist, geek, and co-founder of Contently magazine—is a pivotal thought leader of traditional and new media.  In 2015, content emerges as an all-important force. Contently delivers the hottest trends to your email doorstep via its newsletter and blogs. (The magazine’s print version is a work of art.)

What’s more, Contently offers the opportunity to create a free online portfolio–in effect, a showcase of your work. Link back to your blog or website. Consolidate your best blog posts and other online work in an at-a-glance format. It’s a great way to boost your online presence. I created my portfolio in 15 minutes. The design is intuitive and flexible, allowing you to shift content as needed.

Hubspot offers inbound marketing expertise and a platform to support it. Big players pay big bucks for their services. However, you can access resources—in particular, e-books and templates—without dropping a dime. A daily dose of inbound!

Website Magazine covers e-commerce, web design and development, social media trends, search marketing, digital advertising, software, analytics, and more. Sign up for updates, articles, and white papers. This information comes in handy as you tweak your blog and website.

It pays off to post thought leaders’ information on Twitter. Your tweets will draw retweets and favorites by other social media experts who lead you to more information. Moreover, they may follow you.


Illustration from The Pied Piper of Hamelin by artist and engraver Kate Greenway

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