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Welcome to my blog, a canvas for short reflections and poetry. However, if you seek the services of a storyteller, editor, and writing coach adept in print and new media, click on the menu in the upper lefthand corner. Please note that my current services focus on resumes, bios, online professional profiles, cover letters, student essays (college applications), and manuscript critiques (nonfiction). I’m also a writing coach (nonfiction).

Five Reasons to Collaborate with Me

  1. Tenacious: I spent the night in the front window display of a haunted antiques shop—just to get a story. And it’s a whopper of a tale.
  2. Curious: As a writer, magazine and book editor, and former university instructor, I’ve tackled a variety of disciplines (business communication, education, architecture, engineering, health, interior design, decorative arts, fine art, travel, gardening, food, marketing, humanities, fiction, nonfiction, self-help, memoir, humor, and essay). I work with subject matter experts to position their content optimally. That’s another way of saying I’m a liberal arts graduate who found somewhere to go.
  3. Sensible: It’s all about the client, not me. Why fall on my sword for the serial comma if the customer’s style manual demands AP? Also, I’m honest, fair, and realistic.
  4. Disciplined: Following the examples set by Thoreau and Hemingway, I do not waste words.
  5. Certified in social media marketing: I completed an award-winning course (45 in-class hours) at the University of Delaware and deepened my respect for the handiwork of graphic designers and photographers. It is a joy to share in their creative process. Through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, my following grows steadily, with a reach of 14,000+. Also, I am a contributing writer to the newsletter and blog of  The Southern Coterie, a leading online network for entrepreneurs and creatives.

For a taste of my nonfiction, including an excerpt from a book in progress, stop by my blog Random Storyteller. You’ll also find other snippets—characters, creatives, places, humor, garden picks, and South-bound stories.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Painting (left): A great art instructor inspired Snow Geese. I’m a happy dabbler in acrylics, with a penchant for palette knife strokes and fan brush flourishes.

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Catherine Hamrick

Soul deep storyteller, poet, copywriter, and editor with a passion for wordplay, gardens and literature

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