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Artist + Author = Grand Literary Design


Darryl Moland, a 21st-century Renaissance man, came up with a stunning coffee-table book that celebrates decorative art year-round. This work beautifully migrates from social media to three-dimensional magic. If you want to create your own art book, follow this lesson from a Time Inc. (Southern Living and Cooking Light) print veteran. The book’s title and content derive from Darryl’s well-loved blogThe Decorated Tree: A Modern Ritual Celebrating the Seasons.

“The Christmas tree is a symbol of love, not money. There's a kind of glory to them when they're all lit up that exceeds anything all the money in the world could buy.” ― Andy Rooney, Andy Rooney: 60 Years of Wisdom and Wit

Winter Wish plays it cool against the hot, lush tones of Fire & Ice.

“There’s more than one reason to celebrate the season,” Darryl says. “The decorated tree is a natural way to make it festive and fun. Rely on combining decorations that speak your language and you’ll find a pleasing holiday aesthetic along the way.” Then he fulfills this promise with 30+ designs that take you through spring, summer, fall, and winter in an array of themes and moods. In other words, there is something for everyone, whatever his or her aesthetic taste.

The Decorated Tree is a loving tribute to Darryl’s mom, who nurtured his talents,  always encouraging his natural creativity to decorate the family tree. “I eventually took over the task each year until I went away to college and embarked on my life away from home,” Darryl remembers.  “It wasn’t a chore at all for me—I would lose myself in all the lights and glitter.”  Within a few years, he became the community expert on tree decorating. Neighbors and relatives waited breathlessly for his creations at Christmas, and soon he was trimming a second, even third, tree for the house.


Darryl deftly changes the mood so you’re never bored: Endless Summer, St. Patrick’s Day Tree (Faith, Hope, Love & Luck), Tree of Dreams, and Good Eggs.

The book has turned plenty of heads (Google the title and praise galore pops up). When it debuted, tastemaker Matthew Mead posted a review with unbridled enthusiasm and dubbed Darryl “King of the Forest.” (Click the link to turn up 10 show-stopping trees!)

The author’s creations (embellished by objects from his personal collections) and moving words (often drawn from memory) make quite the holiday package. Here’s another idea—it’s the perfect wedding gift for a bride waiting to connect with her inner muse so she, too, can devise a lifetime of new rituals for her own family.


For more information plus Darryl’s latest creations for Christmas 2015, visit The Decorated Tree Facebook Page. Or drop by his publisher’s site for a preview. No surprise there–it’s a staff pick: “Embellish each season with The Decorated Tree—holiday fantasy intertwined with the rich symbolism of nature. A time-honored Yuletide ritual has become a modern tradition any time of year. Accompanied by 183 inspiring full-color images, this book will become your decorating resource for every holiday, every year.”


A parting notion: if you want to send the coolest Christmas card ever by email to your artsy friends, the book is available in PDF format.

The heart of a literary soul truly beats within this visual artist.

The Artist’s Eye

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