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Fear Gags a Poet’s Voice


W. D. Snodgrass collected the Pulitzer Prize for his first book of poems, Heart’s Needle, in 1960. However, with early glory came career pressure, ego issues, loss of relationships, and writer’s block.  Nonetheless, he persisted, even when his art fell out of fashion. An interview with the Paris Review offers an intriguing snapshot of personalities, teachers, colleagues, and work that populated the poet’s life.

Happy birthday, Mr. Snodgrass (5 January 1926–13 January 2009). Thanks for your memories. Fear will not be my friend today. My nails are ragged, and my cuticles require major pushback.


The Daily Post Prompt: Unpopular—I tweaked the challenge to reflect on an individual who spoke his truth. “You know, if you want to become famous, you write schlock. Crap. There’s always a market for that.”

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