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Immersion (poem)

Immersion-poem-by-catherine-hamrick-with-image of water rippling in a swimming pool

I never toe-squished from a rocky shore

To wade into a duck-and-water cover

That would salvage my muddy, sidestepping soul.

The Mississippi sun’s baptismal fire

Plunged me into chlorined, green-tiled bliss,

A state of grace fogging my plastic goggles.

This daily meditation ran long and lean,

Broken by 32 concrete-grazed flip turns,

The wake of steadily churned whip kicks,

And, in the instant of breath pop-ups,

Poolside yacks and kids’ shrill thrills in the shallows.

Polka dots snowed my slick nylon Speedo—

Oh, for the cloudy sound of life underwater!

Daily Post Prompt: Immerse

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Catherine Hamrick

Soul deep storyteller, poet, copywriter, and editor with a passion for wordplay, gardens and literature

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  1. “A state of grace fogging my plastic goggles” beautifully describes the way in which swimming blurs away the incessant glare and chatter of the world. I can’t even see the clock on the pool wall. Water takes you off the grid–it is the enemy of the grid.

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