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Twin Flames in a Divine Wind (poem)

Twin Flames in a Divine Wind poem excerpt by Catherine Hamrick with image of French Jack of Hearts

The electricity buzzed out,

Snuffing the dinner party;

My mother frowned on linen napkins

Carelessly thrown aside to drown

In gravy dribbling porcelain plates;

She died—what does it matter now?

I divorced embossed stationery.

The movers shattered my collection

Of cobalt blue Haviland plates

During my last run to nowhere.

I caved to darkened dining,

And purposeless thought spelunking

As two creamy tapers flickered—

In mismatched Steuben candlesticks.

A draft yin-yanged their tiny flames,

And the waxing and waning drip-drip

Hypnotized and then steadied

My far-sightedness focus forward;

Finally, my face plays poker

Well enough, for in the last game

Of solitaire, I shuffled the deck

And drew my luckiest number:

The Jack of Hearts, who sent me home

(mon semblable, mon frère).


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Catherine Hamrick

Soul deep storyteller, poet, copywriter, and editor with a passion for wordplay, gardens, literature, and the South

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