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Art of Storytelling

Art of storytelling via catherine hamrick with image of medieval illuminated manuscript

Storytelling is not a spectator sport. It has a voice, a soul, a heartbeat. It moves, entertains, calls to action. It connects human to human—h2h.

Think about it. What’s warm, mysterious, lively, poignant, funny, shivering, courageous, or thrilling to a child? Bedtime content or a bedtime story?

Storytelling is never-ending. It reflects humanity’s way of being—values, beliefs, culture, and imagination. In a cave almost 20,000 years ago, paintings of big cats, bison, horses, deer, and other animals told stories of hunting and the meaning of constellations.

A satisfying story may take us on a quest, adventure, rescue, or escape. It may tell us about love, discovery, or temptation. It may ask a riddle, with a tease to an answer. It has heroes and even anti-heroes. The storyteller has an intention, but the audience has multiple interpretations.

What’s at the heart of a brand, company website, blog, social media, and PR? A well-told narrative. The same goes for compelling, artful fiction and nonfiction.

What’s your story? Why do you want to share it? How will you share it

“It takes a village”—an ancient African proverb—celebrates community, relationships, concern for others, and sharing. Griots have guarded oral traditions for centuries. You, too,  are part of a community, with an interactive audience.

Tell your story—purposefully, authentically, and imaginatively—so your audiences return, again and again.

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