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Fall Leavings (poem)

Vermont_fall_foliage_hogback_mountain chensiyuan

Canada comes, Cooling the Blue Ridge leaf by leaf, Bronze, copper, and scarlet flame While the morning moon burns white in blue. Umber splotches rosy dogwood, And birds snatch at candy-berry clusters. My face upturns to catch the sun’s glow Through lidded eyes. The wind stirs twigs and branches, Brushing […]

Florida Postcard (poem)

Fountains spritzed, Receding then arcing In pink-and-yellow play. From city-center splendor Into hazing noon, A GTO muscled A crotch rocket— Until it shot far Into scorched-tar mirage. She leaned hard, Into a hair-string wind-rush, Her jean-tugged butterfly Peeped then spread, A mosaic Of purple-green scaling Butternut skin. Stump pines scraggled […]