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Florida Postcard (poem)

Fountains spritzed, Receding then arcing In pink-and-yellow play. From city-center splendor Into hazing noon, A GTO muscled A crotch rocket— Until it shot far Into scorched-tar mirage. She leaned hard, Into a hair-string wind-rush, Her jean-tugged butterfly Peeped then spread, A mosaic Of purple-green scaling Butternut skin. Stump pines scraggled […]

Build your clout online!


Anyone in social media should take advantage of a Klout score. It measures your influence as a thought leader by using analytics. Scores range from 1 to 100. Public figures rank the highest. For example, President Obama hits 99. The average Klout score is 40. If you want to rank in […]

Let Your Content Soar!

Italian arum

Welcome to my blog, a canvas for short reflections and poetry. However, if you seek the services of a storyteller, editor, and writing coach adept in print and new media, click on the menu in the upper lefthand corner. Let’s explore taking your content to new heights.