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Catherine’s in-depth proof editing of my novel Angels at The Gate, which won an IBPA Benjamin Franklin award, took it from draft to another level. I am constantly entranced at her eye for detail, not just in written words, but in life, fed perhaps by her training in literary criticism and studies in theater. She digs deep.

—T.K. Thorne, author (historical fiction and nonfiction)

Catherine Hamrick’s beautifully crafted words as a storyteller evoke a sense of place and nostalgia. She works her magic with a pen, paper, and keyboard. Her communication and editorial skills are second to none, and we are thrilled to feature her work as an editorial contributor for The Southern C: The Social Network of the South (

—Co-founder, The Southern Coterie (connecting entrepreneurs, small businesses, social media gurus, marketing pros, graphic designers, artists, and creative professionals to collaborate, exchange ideas, and build supportive relationships)

I’ve known Catherine as a colleague at two different companies, Southern Progress Corporation and Meredith Corporation. At both, she was revered for her standards in book development, editing, and copyediting. Her writing skills demonstrate her command of the language, whether it be editorial or marketing focused. And focused she is on detail and deadlines. A great colleague, great producer, and manager of big workloads.

—Former Vice President, Creative Services, Meredith Corporation

Catherine is one of the finest wordsmiths I’ve ever managed. She’s a writer who can edit and an editor who can write. For those who’ve been around publishing for any length of time, you know that’s an extremely rare breed. Catherine’s writing can be alternately spare and informative or eloquently lyrical, but it is always provocative. As an editor, she’s capable of posing the kinds of questions that will force even the best writers to reach for more from every word than they’ve found possible to provide in early drafts of their work. I’d highly recommend Catherine to anyone looking to get more bang for their content development buck.

—Managing Editor, Better Homes and Gardens and former Managing Editor, Meredith Books, Meredith Corporation

Clear and critical thinking is a key attribute in Catherine’s writing and editing. She readily employs these skills along with her expansive knowledge base to every project. The result is copy that expresses the intended meaning in language that’s accessible to readers. I recommend her, and her powerhouse of skills, to anyone in need of writing, editing, or copyediting. 

—Former Senior Editor, Meredith Books, Meredith Corporation

I had the pleasure of working with Catherine while at Meredith Books. She was a key player during our rapid growth phase that included dramatic increases in product volume and the expansion of topics Meredith Books covered. She was involved on all levels of book creation from determining the appropriate editorial direction of titles to working closely with members of the art department and editorial staff. She could easily work on numerous points of book creation. Whether it was in the beginning phase when titles were determined, writing manuscripts or even copyediting assigned titles, Catherine could cover all the bases of book production.

Catherine thought on many levels. She could outline a book treatment, conceive marketing schemes, determine key differences in our product and competing titles, and she always maintained the ability to slip in and out of micro and macro viewpoints as needed.

Catherine often worked to put troubled books back on track, as well. She could identify critical paths and realign the production of wayward titles so they would be delivered on time and on budget.

—Former Design Director, Meredith Books, Meredith Corporation

Catherine and I first collaborated at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. During my tenure at EBSCO, she produced content for direct mail packages. Catherine has the ability to communicate on diverse topics—from writing collateral for student recruitment or alumni spotlights to editing scientific/technical procedures and programs. She adapts to the matter at hand, researching and understanding to connect with readers. She approaches all work with enthusiasm and a desire to work diligently until something special is created. I know I’m not alone in my recommendation of Catherine—it’s a joy to work with her and let her do her magic.

—Former Vice President, General Manager, Publisher Promotion & Fulfillment, EBSCO

While the assistant art director at Better Homes and Gardens, I worked with Catherine on feature stories and columns focusing on health, nutrition, and fitness. It was a great pleasure working with an exceptionally talented writer with effective communication skills. Catherine always knew how to connect with creative teams on staff or outside contributors. She approached each project with a collaborative spirit and a clear understanding of graphic design and photography.

—Former Assistant Art Director, Better Homes and Gardens, Meredith Corporation

Catherine is an amazing and quick intellect—quickly finding succinct solutions for making words into stories and massaging them to get the reader engaged. I worked with her for several years and loved every minute of my collaboration with her!

—Former Senior Art Director, Cooking Light, Southern Progress Corporation, Time Inc.

Catherine is a brilliant person and writer. Give her a job, and she will research it thoroughly. She is always on top of her subject matter and pays extreme attention to detail. Has excellent experience editing and writing.

—Former Food Editor, Southern Living and Oxmoor House, Time Inc.

Catherine is a triple threat. She is an imaginative content developer, a great editor, and a gifted writer. Whenever she is on the project, I know the end product will be great. Catherine brings a contagious passion to her work which makes working with her so much fun.

—Former Regional Sales Manager, Southern Living, Time Inc. and freelance client (business writing)

It is my pleasure to recommend Catherine Hamrick as a talented writer, editor, consultant, and teacher. She is incredibly talented, creative, and diverse in her genres of experience. Much more, she is simply delightful to work with.

Former Research Director and Former Circulation Manager, Southern Progress Corporation, Time Inc.

Catherine is a top “go to” writer/editor for public relations materials including press releases, articles, etc. that require an exceptional level of sophistication suitable for national brands. Her work is consistently outstanding. I highly recommend her services.

Principal, Boutique Public Relations Firm

Catherine Hamrick is the epitome of professionalism and excellence in the field of coaching, teaching, consulting, and advising in all facets of business. I was a student in her business communications class and, with her guidance, was able to secure a very promising internship in missile defense simply by taking her advice and applying it. Catherine continues to strive for excellence and exhibit a genuine interest in every person she comes into contact with. 

—Former student, Business and Professional Communication, University of Alabama in Huntsville

I am very thankful I was able to study under Professor Hamrick in business communications. Professor Hamrick possesses an exceptional ability to connect with students through her love of writing, editing, and public speaking. Her positive and passionate attitude, with which she delivers her material, always ensures her students receive a quality public speaking and business writing experience. While teaching, Professor Hamrick displayed exceptional communication skills in a simple and systematic way that instilled confidence I never realized was inside of me. You will not find a professor more genuine about wanting to help students.

—Former student, Business and Professional Communication, University of Alabama in Huntsville

Catherine Hamrick is superlative in her field. Not many people can exceed in their work and teach others how to do the same. I learned a lot in her class, and I saw a strong improvement in my communication skills. Catherine helped me to the best of her abilities if I ran into any barriers, and she also looked for corrections in her own methods. I can appreciate having a teacher like Catherine who is very reliable and skilled. I am glad I took her course. It was a great experience.

—Former student, Business and Professional Communication, University of Alabama in Huntsville

Catherine has an amazingly effective communication style. She is a fantastic interpersonal communicator as well as a gifted speaker. . . . She is authentic and genuine, a thoughtful intellectual. She is sure to surprise with her consistently original creativity, especially in the art of communication.

—Former student, Business and Professional Communication, University of Alabama in Huntsville


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